With over 40 years of experience, we have completed projects across the United States for many of the largest pipeline companies in the country
Texas 55 Miles

Green Pipeline

Brazoria & Galveston Counties, TX

Texas 51 Miles

24" Pipeline

Wharton & Colorado Counties, TX

Texas 20.5 Miles

24" Pipeline

Robertson & Falls Counties, TX

Texas 16 Miles

20" Pipeline

Nacogdoches, TX

Texas 10 Miles

6" Pipeline

Brownsville, TX

Texas 60 miles

Survey for Rehab & Replacement

Anomaly locations

Texas 7.5 Miles

12" Pipeline

Hidalgo County, TX

Texas 62 Miles

24" Pipeline

Cherokee, Anderson & Henderson Counties, TX


Preliminary Survey

Chilton, Tallapossa & Randolph, AL

Texas 7 Miles

16" Pipeline

Stinnett to Cargray, TX

Texas 19.4 Miles

24" Pipeline

Tyler & Hardin Counties, TX

Texas 63 Miles

24" Pipeline

Crockett to Goodrich, TX

Texas 7.5 Miles

12" Pipeline

Houston County, SW of Crockett, TX

Texas 35 Miles

12" Pipeline

Texas City to Deer Park, TX

Texas 120 Miles

24" Pipeline

Lyssy to Sealy, TX

Eagle Ford Shale

Texas, Louisiana 180 Miles

42" Pipeline

Carthage, TX to Delhi, LA

Texas 7.5 Miles

20" Pipeline

East Houston Station to Explorer

TEXAS 7.3 Miles

8" Pipeline

Clear Lake to La Porte, TX